Wish List

Baphumelele relies on your donations to make the difference in the lives of the children, young people, and patients who are cared for by our various projects. When considering your donation to Baphumelele, it may be helpful to know that items such as toys and stuffed animals are thoughtful donations, but ultimately go unneeded in our facilities. Please consider the items below on our wish list that describe the more essential items that we need on a regular basis.

Electricity Vouchers for our 19 electricity meters which light, help feed, wash and keep warm the many children and patients in our care (electricity is bought from a shop or online – if you wish to help with this, please contact us for the meter numbers)

Rosie’s computer has recently stopped functioning, and we are accepting donations to provide a new one!

Sewing machines are used on a daily basis in our “sewing project” to provide clothing/bedding for our residents, employment in our sewing room, and products that can be sold in the community.

School uniforms & stationary provided to the children that live at Baphumelele so that they can attend the local school.

Home goods such as TVs, bedding, and towels

Groceries such as maize meal, rice, sugar, samp, pasta, tinned fish, long life milk and other dry goods as well as vegetables and fruit.

Toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, deoderant (both boys and girls!), facecloths and towels

Baby supplies such as nappies (in small, medium, large, extra large sizes), Vaseline, aqueous cream and wet wipes.

Christmas Is Coming!

christmas-wishlistWe would be honored if you would join us for our Christmas party. We also appreciate any donations toward making it special for our dear children and carers. Details to come soon.