Baphumelelo masthead

Webber Wentzel kindly donated their time and energy towards renovating the volunteer flat at Baphumelele on the 18th and 19th of July 2011 in celebration of the birthday of  Nelson Mandela.  We are extremely grateful to them as not only did they rope in their lawyers and secretaries to help with painting and fixing of areas in the flat that were desperately in need of a fix, but they roped in some of their contractors like BI Projects who took time and effort to install a whole new kitchen in the flat and some much needed cupboard space in the rooms.  They also managed to get REB Cleaning Solutions to provide some of their staff to help to clean the flat from top to bottom,they steam cleaned the bathrooms and washed the floors and ensured the flat looked clean once all the work was done.  Everybody enjoyed themselves although I am sure there were a few people who were stiff and still had a few flecks of paint on them the next day and everyone gave their 100% to the project. All the volunteers worked so hard on the first day that the second day some of the volunteers had some spare time so they offered to paint the walls of our Educare department as well. For some of the volunteers this was the first time they had ever taken part in a community project and they said they would gladly do it again. We would like to thank Webber Wentzel, BI Projects, REB Cleaning Solutions and all the volunteers for taking the time out of their busy schedules to help us.