Baphumelelo masthead

Caregivers and Staff

We are is blessed with great caregivers, support staff members (including cooks, cleaning/laundry and groundskeepers), and full-time social workers. These employees receive compensation for their work, albeit at a very minimal level. Caregivers receive training to handle everyday situations in the home, as well as some health care training, which is vitally important when dealing with so many infants and toddlers. Caregivers work in shifts so the children are supervised at all times. The caregivers are managed and trained by our social worker, who in turn reports to our director, Rosie.

Semi-Permanent Volunteers

Baphumelele has been fortunate enough to have a handful of full-time, semi-permanent volunteers join the staff. They have supported the Baphumelele in numerous ways, such as lending accounting expertise to the management of our books, developing organisational systems for running the various projects, coordinating volunteers and visitors, assisting caregivers with trips to clinics and hospitals, and managing various projects throughout the organisation (see Volunteer).


The immediate community is a driving force at Baphumelele. The need for the initial projects such as the Educare and the Children’s Home was strong and they wanted it there. This means that the children do not grow up in an artificial society but stay close to their roots. The entire Baphumelele outreach effort is labeled a “community-based project” for a very good reason! Community volunteers are an important part of the landscape at Baphumelele and we rely on them to work hand-in-hand with our permanent staff.

Temporary Volunteers

Baphumelele is privileged to work with individuals and small groups who contribute in various ways on a short-term basis. Temporary volunteers come to us from the local community as well as from abroad. Those coming from other countries are typically arranged by Via Volunteers and other organisations. Some are able to offer a few months of service, whilst others have only a few days to give (please see our volunteer program).

Senior Management Committee

The task of guiding the daily affairs of Baphumelele lies with the Senior Management Committee who meet on a weekly basis to discuss any issues, share knowledge and experience and make strategic plans for the future. The Senior Management Committee is chaired by the Managing Director and includes the Finance Manager, HR Manager, Project Manager and managers from across Baphumelele’s projects.

The Board

The Board of Baphumelele Waldorf Association comprises Peter Hugo (Chair person), Rosie Mashale (MD), Udo Klotz, Jimmy Khanyile, Nosiseko Dlakavu, Kwanele Booi, Kirsty Hunt and Patsy Lowe.