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A large part of Baphumelele’s ongoing income is from donations by many supporters, individuals, corporations, support groups, dedicated fundraisers and others. We receive donations from many parts of the world including South Africa, North America, Europe and Australia. Some of these donations are once-off, such as bequests and gifts; others are monthly, yearly or intermittent contributions. Some of the donations are very substantial; others are small amounts, but come from limited resources, and we are most grateful for all of them.

Please note that each and every donation is used for Baphumelele and NO moneys are paid to trustees, volunteers, fundraisers or organizers of any description whatsoever.

Baphumelele has a dedicated finance manager who works with and on the Management Committee to manage and balance funding and donations with the many needs of all the projects. The significant growth of Baphumelele has required a structured approach  and has resulted in improved financial planning and forecasting, with both short-term and long-term strategic plans for all the projects of Baphumelele formalized and adopted.

Baphumelele is currently looking for support for general living costs as well as much-needed support for the staff costs. Over the years, Baphumelele has recognised the importance of empowering members of the local community by providing them with properly paid employment together with skills training. This is a key focus point for the long term development of the community, and for ensuring Baphumelele’s own sustainability by having a well-trained and committed staff. There are also new projects which need specific support. For more information on this and which projects are in the pipeline please do contact Rosie Mashale.

In addition to financial donations, Baphumelele is also grateful for in-kind donations. Our needs for specific items fluctuate so please have a look at our Wishlist for further information. Please note that due to prohibitive and complicated customs duty regulations, any donor wanting to make donations in-kind from outside of South Africa should contact the office first to discuss the best way forward.

Child Sponsorship

For those who want to sponsor the children’s home for the equivalent of what is needed to care for a child, the amount is R5,000 per year. This is an average amount as costs vary among the different age groups and depend on the general health of each child, but it is an indication of Baphumelele’s costs after government grants are accounted for.

Donations received through the sponsorship scheme are used to fund the children’s basic needs. Sponsorship of specific children is no longer permitted due to the administrative burden and the ever-present possibility that an individual child may be reunited with his/her family or placed in adoptive or foster care.


Sending your Support

Please complete the Sponsorship Participation Form

All donations will be transferred directly into Baphumelele’s bank account.

Bank: First National Bank
Acc. Name: Baphumelele Sponsorship
Branch: Promenade Mitchell’s Plain
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Acc. Number: 62066375538
Branch Code: 250555


We want to be aware of donations that are coming our way and allocate the funds as you desire. Bank payments, transfers from abroad, and electronic money transfers via e-banking are difficult to identify by donor. Therefore we ask that you please notify us of your donation and how you are choosing to support Baphumelele. We will monitor our account and immediately acknowledge receipt of your payment. If you have