Baphumelelo masthead


The Baphumelele woodworkshop is currently working on new ways to market the sale of our frames and to get the news out there that we are making frames.  The aim of this is also to improve the skills of our staff and also to provide funds to help with the maintenance of the children’s home.  Currently we have a few ideas as to how we can achieve this and we hope to initiate these ideas within the next two months.

1)      We are hoping to export our frames to Europe and the USA and we are working on finding out how to obtain an export permit.

2)      We are hoping to expand our product range thus widening the skill of our employees by for example: making wine boxes and music boxes

3)      We are also hoping to grow our clientele basis across the whole of South Africa and not just the Western Cape.

We will be updating you on the cost of the frames and will upload an order form in due course, so watch this space!

We are always open to ideas and suggestions from our friends and clients so please give us your input as to how we can improve this product and market it.