Baphumelelo masthead

Just down the road from the Educare Centre and Children’s Home stands Rosie’s Kitchen & Bakery.

The bakery produces excellent quality nutritious brown bread in a fully equipped container provided by generous donors. Other baked goods such as ciabatta bread, vetkoeks, and drop scones are made in the smaller ovens by the Kitchen team. Targeting the local community including other Not For Profit organisations as well as all the children, youth, patients and staff of the Baphumelele projects, the bakery offers a much needed resource for reasonably priced delicious fresh bread! Vegetables from Baphumelele’s farm project, Fountain of Hope, will also be sold alongside the bread and other products.

The soup kitchen provides low cost food to members of the local community as well as the large staff of Baphumelele. Catering services are also available to local NGOs and visitors.

Finally as with all Baphumelele projects, the aim is to try and pass on skills to young people to enable them to fend for themselves as adults. With this in mind, the Bakery is currently staffed by two young women who were referred via the Child Headed Homes project. They have been trained up in bread baking and have now received a steady income for more than a year, enabling them to support their siblings and own children. In future, we aim to place the youth of both the Children’s Home and the Fountain of Hope into Rosie’s Kitchen & Bakery so that they can gain valuable work experience in a small enterprise.

We are really keen to grow this project so we can reach the many people within the community who are still in desperate need of a basic meal. For those people who are interested, here are some ideas how to help out:

Donation of foodstuffs for the soup kitchen so that the volunteer cooks there can produce a nutritious meal each day for the needy from the community

Sponsorship of the packaging of our amazing bakery products! Sold to other NGOs and local community projects, our bread is a big hit. Made from fine ingredients to the highest quality, our brown bread is nutritious and well-priced to enable community members to be able to afford to buy it. The packaging is the key issue at the moment as we use plain plastic bags, but we would love to have dedicated packaging to highlight the benefits of the bread, and to create an identity for our bakery.

For more information or to place any orders, please contact the office.